Hans-Günter von Kornatzki

Hans-Günter von Kornatzki

    Hans-Günter von Kornatzki was born on 22 June 1906 at Liegnitz in Ost-Preußen. He joined the Reichswehr on 9 May  1928. Von Kornatzki transferred to the fledgling Luftwaffe in 1933 undergoing his flying training at Schließheim. On 1 April 1934, he completed his training at the Fliegergruppe Werneuchen. In June, von Kornatzki was transferred to the recently formed Reklamestaffel Mitteldeutschland based at Döberitz. In July, the unit formed the basis of I./JG 132 with von Kornatzki serving as Gruppenadjutant. In March 1935, II./JG 132 was formed at Jüterborg-Damm and von Kornatzki was transferred to the new unit with the rank of Hauptmann. There followed assignments with I./JG 334, based at Wiesbaden, where he served as Gruppenadjutant and I./JG 138, based at Jever, in 1938. On 13 September 1939, von Kornatzki was appointed Gruppenkommandeur of the newly formed II./JG 52 based at Böblingen. He led the unit into the Battle of Britain based at Peuplingue in France. The unit was withdrawn to Jever on 18 August 1940. Von Kornatzki transferred to the staff of Jagdfliegerschule 1, based at Werneuchen, on 26 August 1940 as chief instructor. He was to fill a number of staff positions including, Operations Officer on the staff of X. Fliegerkorps before serving the staff of Höherer Jagdfliegerführer West in February 1943. Major von Kornatzki formulated the proposal for combatting the increasing numbers of Allied four-engine bombers raiding German occupied Europe which created dedicated and specially equipped units known as Sturmstaffel. In the second half of 1943, he spent a period of time with Eprobungskommando 25, a specialist anti-bomber weapons and tactical evaluation unit, based at Achmer, reviewing tactics and weapons for close range combat against bombers. In October 1943, von Kornatzki was appointed Staffelkäpitan of Sturmstaffel 1, based at Achmer, to implement his tactics. He recorded one victory with the unit when he claimed a USAAF B-17 four-engine bomber Herauschuss on 23 March 1944 to record his fifth victory. Sturmstaffel 1 was disbanded at the end of April 1944. In May 1944, Oberstleutnant von Kornatzki was appointed Gruppenkommandeur of II.(Sturm)/JG 4 based at Salzwedel. On 12 September, von Kornatzki led II.(Sturm)/JG 4 against a formation of USAAF B-17s near Magdeburg. He succeeded in shooting down one of the bombers but was then pursued by escorting USAAF fighters. Von Kornatzki attempted an emergency landing at Zilly near Halberstadt but crashed into power lines and was killed in his Fw 190 A-8/R2 (W.Nr. 681 424) “Green 3”.
    Hans-Günter von Kornatzki was credited with six victories.
A/c Type
B-17 HSS Sturmst. 1 Beckum-Hamm
B-17 Stab II./JG 4 E Helmstedt

Victories : 6
Awards :
Units : JG 132, JG 52, Sturmstaffel 1, JG 4